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Freelance Illustrator ♡ Bunny Princess Vtuber

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Welcome to Tokkitopia where we make your visions come to life! Guided by me, Aerith and our lovely companions, Bonbon and Chiffon, we will make sure you have a pleasant stay at the Chateau ♡

Please make sure you have read our Terms before placing an order! Claim your slot in the waitlist by sending me a message on X.


Freelance Illustrator ♡ Bunny Princess Vtuber

Birthday January three (21)
Pronouns She/her

About Me

Hi! My name is Aerith and I’m a bunny princess who came from Tokkitopia who’s currently on a mission to bring the world of Tokkitopia to Earth in the form of illustrations!

I continue my duties as the bunny princess by moonlight to entertain my buncaroons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! You can find me in my Twitch.

Status Taken by Raichi
Likes Pink, soft aesthetics, chocolate milk, desserts
Dislikes Copycats, rude people, porcelain dolls

Ref Sheet




Art Gallery

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you hereby agree to my Terms of Service.


❥ Cute VTubers (especially pink Vtubers) (˶˃⤙˂˶)

❥ Nekomimi, animal features

❥ Fanarts


❥ Realistic arts

❥ Elderly people

❥ Furry

❥ Mecha

❥ Overly complicated designs

❥ Hate/offensive art

❥ Heavy NSFW

❥ Overly masculine characters

I. Basic Terms

All commissions will include a subtle watermark which you may not remove or edit unless you pay for the commercial usage fee.
Be polite when you dm me for a commission ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა a simple hi or hello is much appreciated before you ask or give me your commission details.
All works are for personal use only unless agreed otherwise.
Claiming and selling the art as your own merchandise without commercial rights is strictly prohibited.
Please provide clear character and pose references so there won't be any mix ups. Providing them will highly improve my working speed and quality!

II. Payment Terms

All payments are to be fully paid upfront before Start of Work and are non-refundable.
By commissioning me, the Client hereby agrees to pay for any additional fees (ex. complex design, difficult request, multiple props, and other special requests etc.)
Clients may no longer request for cancellation of their commission after payment has been received.
A Purchase of Commercial rights to the artwork will always be 100% of original price (unless it’s already included in the price) and +200% for merchandise usage

III. Process

Start of Work will officially begin after full payment has been received and you will be added to the wait-list.
I will keep giving you updates of your commission to cross check my work with you!
You will be given a sketch except for YCH type commissions. You may request changes during this phase.
Any major edits (outfit or pose changes) will be charged accordingly after the sketch phase so please be mindful of your request!
You may only ask for color revisions and small details that I may have missed (moles/etc) after the sketch has been approved.
Commission results will be sent within the estimated time but I might take faster/longer depending on the queue so please be patient ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝
Delays in a commission may occur at any given time due to factors such as health and school.
You will be given the full HD files (JPEG, PNG) via Google Drive that I will recycle after you have downloaded! If you don’t want to lose the drive files, consider applying as a Royal Bunny Client.

IV. Image Rights

You may repost my art as long as you credit me and ONLY if you are the commissioner.
Any copying, altering, or theft of my artwork is not allowed.
Copyrights to my artworks are owned by me and I have the freedom to share them on any platform.
Per your request, the commission can be made private and will not be published on any of my social media platforms. You will be requested to pay an NDA fee (50% of the total price) to be agreed upon prior to starting the commission.

Café de Aerith

The Café is open and running! Take a seat and take your time to choose the desserts we have prepared for you.


Mochi Chibi

Chibis in mochi style served with soft and chewy strawberry mochi.


Regular Chibi

Regular chibis served with heavy cream and strawberry flavored macaron.


Anime Illustration

Anime style illustrations served with bonbon fondant and strawberry layered cake.



Emotes served with chibi style and Bonbon themed dango.



Badges served with strawberry flavored boba tea with mochi pearls.



Panels served with chibi style illustrations and strawberry crepe.



Alerts served with mochi and regular style chibi with special Bonbon flavored ice cream.



Schedules served with Bonbon vanilla ice cream on top of strawberry pancakes.

Details : JPG and PNG files will be given 1950 px size, 500 DPI

Half body30 USD
Full Body35 USD
Add OnsPrice
Animals/mascots+3 USD
Animation+20 USD

Details : JPG and PNG files will be given 1950 px size, 500 DPI

Half body45 USD
Full Body50 USD
Add OnsPrice
Detailed backgrounds+10 USD
Extra props+5 USD
Animals/mascots+7 USD
Addt'l character (half body)+40
Addt'l character (full body)+45

Anime Illustration

Bust up60 USD
Waist up/Halfbody70 USD
Thigh up80 USD
Full Body100 USD
Add OnsPrice
Detailed backgrounds+20 USD
Extra props+7 USD
Animals/mascots+10 USD
Addt'l character+100%

Details : PNG files will be given 1950 px size, 500 DPI
for resized emotes, please ask!

Static30 USD
Frame Animated40 USD
L2D Animated60 USD
Pack of 385 USD
Pack of 5140 USD
Pack of 10280 USD

Details : PNG files will be given 1950 px size, 500 DPI
for resized badges, please ask!

Base25 USD
Recolor7 USD
Extra item10 USD
Pack of 370 USD
Pack of 5115 USD
Pack of 10225 USD

Details : PNG files will be given 1950 px size, 500 DPI
includes text/no text and decorative backgrounds

Mochi Halfbody50 USD
Mochi Fullbody55 USD
Chibi Halfbody60 USD
Chibi Fullbody65 USD

Details : PNG files will be given 1950 px size, 500 DPI
includes png and mp4/gif of the alert and separate png of the chibi

Mochi Halfbody50 USD
Mochi Fullbody60 USD
1-5 frames+20 USD
Live2D+35 USD (start)


Details : Template will be given from canva, including the fonts used as well as the decorative panels for each day.

Base80 USD
Complex+10 USD


What do you use to draw? Canvas size?

iPad Pro 2nd Generation 11” | 2048px 500 dpi

What counts as personal usage?

❥ profile pictures, banners

❥ thumbnails

❥ song cover art (non-monetized)

What counts as commercial usage?

❥ streaming assets : twitch panels, pngtubers, alerts, screens

❥ song cover art (monetized)

❥ thumbnails for monetized videos

How much does an upgrade from personal to commercial & merchandise usage cost?

+100% for commercial usage (unless it’s already included in the price)

+200% for merchandise usage

How to be a Royal Bunny Client & the benefits?


❥ Have ordered 5 or more commissions from me

❥ Have openly made plans about future commission plans


❥ You’ll have your own dedicated personal google drive for you and your commissioned works that I won’t recycle

❥ Be in the priority queue

❥ Will always get a slot for upcoming YCHs

❥ Get a free doodle after a certain number of orders

➜ Simply just DM me to apply to be a Royal Bunny Client and let me know!

What are rush orders?

If you have a certain deadline in mind, I will work on your commission first, putting aside all others. Your order will be done within 3-7 days max depending on the quantity of your order. Rush fee is usually charged +50% of the final price or more depending on how fast you want it to be finished

Live2D Model 6th_icecream
Rig chwetokki
Hand assets crytoko

Panels atelierninette
Stinger rrfn46

Carrd design arunyi

PNGTuber estelleartss
GIFTuber pwintwai21
Stream overlays mons_day
Stream starting illustration nuenie
BRB screen nuenie
Stream ending illustration katsubao_
BGM boba date by Stream Cafe

Sub badges ShoYukia
Channel point reward emotes Nikki